Analyst Coverage

Get to know the market analysts’ assessment of Petrobras and find out who they are.

Analysts covering Petrobras

BAML: Frank J. McGann
(54 11) 4317-7650    frank.mcgann@baml.com

Banco do Brasil: Daniel Cobucci
(55 11) 3149-8422    cobucci@bb.com.br

Bradesco: Vicente Falanga Neto
(55 11) 3847-9471    vicente.falanga@bradescobbi.com.br

BTG Pactual: Thiago Duarte
(55 11) 3383-9850    thiago.duarte@btgpactual.com

Citigroup: Gabriel Barra
(57) 4479-0594    gabriel.barra@citi.com

Credit Suisse: Régis Cardoso
(55 11) 3701-6297    regis.cardoso@credit-suisse.com 

Goldman Sachs: Bruno Amorim
(55 11) 3371-0764    bruno.amorim@gs.com

HSBC: Lilyanna Yang
(1 212) 525-0990    lilyanna.x.yang@us.hsbc.com

Itaú BBA: Monique Greco
(55 11)3073-3358    monique.greco@itaubba.com

JP Morgan: Rodolfo Angele
(55 11) 4950-3888    rodolfo.r.angele@jpmorgan.com

Morgan Stanley: Bruno Montanari
(55 11)3048-6225    bruno.montanari@morganstanley.com

Safra: Conrado Vegner
(55 11) 3175-4369   conrado.vegner@safra.com.br

Santander: Christian Audi
(1 212) 350-3991    caudi@santander.us

Scotiabank: Gavin Wilye
(1 403) 213-7333    gavin.wilye@scotiabank.com

UBS: Luiz Carvalho
(55 11) 2767 6606   luiz.carvalho@ubs.com

Analyst Projection

Consensus figures refer to the average projections by market analysts.

Target Price
Nº of Investment Banks: 13
PETR3 Price Target Consensus (R$/share) PETR4 Price Target Consensus (R$/share)
Average 42.02 Average 42.39
Maximum 51.50 Maximum 51.50
Minimum 33.10 Minimum 36.90

Latest update on May 06, 2022


Price Target
Nº of Investment Banks: 14
PBR Price Target Consensus (US$/ADR) PBR/A Price Target Consensus (US$/ADR)
Average 16.28 Average 16.32
Maximum 19.50 Maximum 19.50
Minimum 13.00 Minimum 14.00

Latest update on May 06, 2022

The information referring to the comparative analyses presented herein has been obtained from investment banks and other sources (the “sources”) and represents market forecasts. Petrobras and the sources make no warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of this information. This information does not represent an offer to buy or sell the securities of any company. The opinions expressed herein may be changed without notice. The sources, their direct and indirect subsidiaries, their affiliates or companies belonging to the same economic group, their management, officers, mandataries, agents and representatives may hold positions or rights related to the securities addressed in this information. Any source that has provided services in connection with the purchase or sale of a security addressed in this information may have been acting on behalf of a third party or on its own behalf. The sources may periodically act as managers, co-managers or participants in syndicates organized for the private placement or public offering of securities of the companies covered by this information.

Last updated on February 22, 2021.