Yield Reports

Dear Shareholders,

The shareholder with an updated address in his registration will receive the Bookkeeping Assets Report for Income Statement – calendar year 2021 – base 2020 sent by Banco Bradesco, bookkeeping bank for Petrobras shares.

If you have not received your earnings report for Petrobras shares by mail, you can request it by email dac.acecustodia@bradesco.com.br, copying the email elidio.dias@bradesco.com.br. A scanned copy of the photo ID and an updated proof of residence must be sent to the e-mail.

If you prefer, the shareholder can also go to any branch of that bank to request a duplicate. For account holders of the institution, it is possible to obtain the earnings report via digital platforms of the financial institution.

We suggest that the shareholder take the opportunity to check if his registration is up to date (personal data, address and data for receipt of earnings) and orient himself on how to proceed in the event of an update. We remind you that updating the shareholder’s registration is the shareholder’s duty, according to Instruction of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (ICVM No. 506/301).

In case of doubts, the shareholder can contact Custódia Bradesco by calling 0800 701 1616 or through the website: https://custodia.bradesco/html/custodia/sobre-custodia/index.shtm

Additionally, if the custody of Petrobras shares is with a broker, shareholders can search for this information at the broker.

The shareholder with custody in a brokerage will still be able to obtain information on the receipt of earnings from the Electronic Investor Channel (CEI) of B [3] by calling (11) 3272-7373 or accessing: https://cei.b3.com.br/CEI_Responsivo/como-acessar.aspx

Payments made

During 2020, Petrobras SA made two payments of earnings, both with reference to the year of 2019, the first being made on 02/07/2020, in the form of Interest on Equity (JCP), and the second made in 12/15/2020, in the form of Dividends.

Below are links to the press releases released by Petrobras:

With respect to the fiscal year 2020, Petrobras S.A. did not declare or pay advance payments during the year.

All payments were made through Banco Bradesco S.A., depositary financial institution and bookkeeping bank for Petrobras shares.

Last listing of Petrobras shares in 2020 and the company’s CNPJ:

Listing on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B [3]) – PETR3: R $ 28.85 and PETR4: R $ 28.34
Listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – PBR (ON): U $ 11.23 and PBRA (PN): U $ 11.06

PETRÓLEO BRASILEIRO S.A. CNPJ: 33.000.167 / 0001-01

Last updated on March 10, 2021.