Petrobras is a Brazilian company and one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world, mainly dedicated to exploration and production, refining, energy generation and marketing. Petrobras has expertise in exploration and production in deep and ultra-deep waters as a result of almost 50 years of developing Brazil’s offshore basins, leader worldwide in this segment. The company´s priority is to operate at low costs and with low carbon emissions, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development for a just energy transition in Brazil. Petrobras’ ambition is to neutralize emissions (scopes 1 and 2) in the activities under its control by 2050.

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ESG - Environment, Social and Governance

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Discover all the fronts on which we operate to reduce and offset the environmental impact of our operations, contributing to a truly sustainable development.


We invest in social projects aimed at the human and social development of the communities where we operate, with a special focus on the period of early childhood.


We seek to constantly improve our governance practices and instruments. Know the instances that integrate this structure.

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Production & Sales Report 1Q24 1Q24

Petrobras Performance 1Q24

Production & Sales Report 1Q24

Petrobras Financial Perfomance 1Q24 (US$)

Petrobras Financial Perfomance 1Q24 (R$)

Notices to the Market

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Petrobras informs about 1Q24 results April 22, 2024

Petrobras signs contracts for Platforms P-84 and P-85 May 24, 2024

Material Fact - Board of Directors approves election of the new Petrobras CEO May 24, 2024

Petrobras informs about the Eligibility Committee’s manifestation May 22, 2024

Petrobras on gas cessation at CADE May 22, 2024


Teaser is a document that presents and summarizes the main characteristics of the business opportunity we are offering. Check here all the teasers that we release to the market.

Teaser: Metanor October 27, 2022

Teaser: Metanor October 27, 2022

Teaser: POSA October 14, 2022

Teaser: Onshore Fiber Optic September 30, 2022

Notice to Shareholders

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Petrobras on the 2024 Annual General Meeting January 12, 2024

Petrobras on the 2024 Annual General Meeting January 12, 2024

Petrobras on the 2023 Annual General Meeting* (Available only in Portuguese) February 28, 2023

Scheduled date for the meeting January 10, 2023

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Annual Reports

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Management Report 2023

Human Rights and Corporate Citizenship Report 2023

Climate Change Supplement 2023

Form 20F 2023

Events Calendar

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General Shareholder and Board Meetings

General Shareholder and Board Meetings

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Call Notice - AEGM 04/25/24 04/25/24 1T24

Petrobras informs about Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings 04/25/2024

Call Notice - AEGM 25/04/2024 03/22/2024

Manual for Shareholder's Participation - AEGM 25/04/2024 03/22/2024

Shares, Dividends and Global Bonds

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Our shares are traded in Brazil on the B3 Stock Exchange, where the common shares have the symbol PETR3 and the preferred ones PETR4, and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where PBR is the ordinary and PBRA is the preferred

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  • Petr4 R$ 00,00 0,00%
  • PBR US$ 00,00 0,00%
  • Pbra US$ 00,00 0,00%
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Scams and Fraud Alerts

The Petrobras name has been used by malicious people offering apparently advantageous deals involving the Company's shares and securities. The Company does not authorize employees or third parties to request deposits or transfers. If you have any questions about possible fraud, please contact Petrobras via the channels listed here.

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Here you can find the definition of the main terms used in the oil and gas industry, as well as the meaning of words, acronyms and expressions with the purpose of facilitating the understanding of the information available on this website.

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If you have any questions, please contact Petrobras via its exclusive shareholder service channels: 0800 282 1540 (toll free) or acionistas@petrobras.com.br.

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