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Clarifications on 2010 Capex and Release of 2009 Results

Rio de Janeiro, March 9, 2010. – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A - PETROBRAS, about the news reported by the press concerning the Capex for 2010, clarifies that, like others state owned companies, it has submitted to the Federal Government the proposal of the Overall Cost Program (PDG) and the Annual Investment Budget (OAI) for the current year. The information is presented for each subsidiary of Petrobras and for the Group. After that the budgets will be submitted for the examination and approval by the National Congress.

The PDG/OAI for 2010 considers an investment cap of R$ 79.5 billion, distributed as such:

Business Area PDG 2010
Exploration & Production 35,69
Supply 30,75
Gas & Energy 4,82
International 5,01
Distribution 0,66
Biofuel 0,75
Corporate 1,76
Total 79,45

It is worth highlighting that the Company’s Business Plan for the period 2010 to 2014 is still under discussion, and as soon as it is approved it will be broadly released to the market.
The Company informs that, according to the annual calendar, there is a Board of Directors meeting scheduled for March, 19. If it is confirmed, the Board may assess the fourth quarter and the 2009 Results on this date. Petrobras will inform its investors after it is confirmed.

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