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New member for the Minority Shareholder¿s Committee

Rio de Janeiro, March 26 2010 - Petróleo Brasileiro S .A - Petrobras announces that the Dr. Ary Oswaldo Mattos Filho was chosen as the third member of the Minority Shareholder’s Committee, which was established to monitor the progress of the Transfer of Rights with Compensation operation and to issue an opinion to support the Board of Director´s decision regarding this matter, as announced in a Release issued by the Company on November 19 2009.
Dr. Ary Oswaldo Mattos Filho will participate in the Minority Shareholder’s Committee as an external and independent member of the Board of Directors.
Dr. Ary holds a Bachelor´s degree in Law and Social Sciences from the University of São Paulo´s College of Law (1965), a Master´s Degree in Business Law from the University of São Paulo´s College of Law (1969), and a Master´s in Law from Harvard Law School (1969). Additionally, Dr. Ary has a Ph.D. in Tax Law from the University of São Paulo´s College of Law (1973), Specialization from Harvard University´s International Tax Program (1968/1969), and a Summer Course and Specialization from Harvard Law School (1982/1983).
Dr. Ary is a founding partner of Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Junior e Quiroga Advogados and is currently the Director of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation´s São Paulo School of Law. He is a full Professor of Law at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, and a Member of the Standing Body of Arbitrators of the FGV Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration.
Previously, he was the Director of Getúlio Vargas Foundation´s School of Business Administration (1974); the Coordinator of the Municipal Administration Center for Tax Studies and Research - CEPAM (1970/1974); a Judge for the State of São Paulo Tax and Fee Court (TIT) (1970/1973); a Member of the São Paulo, Federal District, and Rio de Janeiro Sections of the Brazilian Bar Association; a Member of the University of São Paulo College of Law´s Institute of Financial Law; the President of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) (1990/1992); Chairman of the Tax Reform Commission, appointed by the federal government (1992); a Member of the National Monetary Council (1990/1992); the Chairman of the Board of EAESP/FGV (1995/1997); and a Member of the Board of BM&F BOVESPA (2007/2009).

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