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Investor Relations

Clarification about the Public Offering

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – PETROBRAS
Publicly-held Company of Authorized Capital
CNPJ/MF n° 33.000.167/0001-01
NIRE 33.300032061
Avenida República do Chile, No. 65, Centro RJ – RJ
ISIN Code: BRPETRACNOR9 (common shares ) and BRPETRACNPR6 (preferred shares)


Ticker symbols in the BM&FBOVESPA: “PETR3” (common shares) and “PETR4” (preferred shares)
In compliance to the provision in articles 48 and 49 of the Instruction of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (“CVM”) no. 400, of December 29th, 2003, as modified, and of CVM Instruction no. 358, of January 3rd, 2002, as modified, in both cases wherever applicable, PETRÓLEO BRASILEIRO S.A. - PETROBRAS(“Company”), together with BANCO BRADESCO BBI S.A., in the capacity of lead manager, in the context of the primary public offering of 2,174,073,900 registered, book-entry and without par value common shares, free and clear of all encumbrances, issued by the Company (“Common Shares”) and 1,585,867,998 registered, book-entry and without par value preferred shares, free and clear of all encumbrances, issued by the Company (“Preferred Shares” and, together with the Common Shares, “Shares”), to be performed simultaneously in Brazil (“Brazilian Offering”) and abroad (“International Offering”, and, together with the Brazilian Offering, “Offering”), clarify that, in view of the recent statements made in the media concerning the Overall Offering, that any information or expression concerning the Offering or the Company should not be considered by the potential investors of the Offering as determinants for their decision to invest in the Shares. The potential investors of the Offering should only consider the information disclosed by the Company and/or by the Institutions Participating of the Brazilian Offering (as defined in the Preliminary Prospectus) through the Preliminary Prospectus of the Primary Public Offering of Common Shares and Preferred Shares Issued by the Company (“Preliminary Prospectus”), dated of September 3rd, 2010, including the Company’s Reference Form, in particular, the sections of the factors of risk, and in the Notice to the Market originally published on September 3rd, 2010 and republished on September 13th, 2010, as well as the press releases to the market that were disclosed with the aim of guaranteeing the accurateness and compliance of any and all information provided to any investors, by whatever means used, with the information contained in the Preliminary Prospectus.

This Global Offering is subject to registration with the CVM.




Under the terms of the Securities Act of 1933, the Shelf Registration request was submitted for the International Offering to the SEC. The ADSs may not be offered or traded abroad without registration or the granting of exemption from such registration. Any public offering abroad will be made with the use of a prospectus, which shall contain detailed information both about the Company and its management and about its financial statements. The coordinators of the Global Offering and the Coordinators of the International Offering have no responsibility either for the public distribution of shares under the Brazilian Offering in Brazil or for the information contained in this Announcement to the Market. 

"The registration of this Brazilian Offering does not imply, on the part of the CVM, in a guarantee of the correctness of information or in any judgment regarding the quality of the Company or of the Shares to be distributed." 

"Investing in Stock is a risky investment, since it is an investment in variable income and, thus, investors wishing to invest in Stock are subject to asset losses and risks, including those relating to the Stock, Company, the industry in which it operates, its shareholders, and to the macroeconomic environment in Brazil, described in the Preliminary Prospectus and the items "4" and "5" of the Reference Form, and should be carefully considered before making an investment decision. Investing in Stock is not, therefore, suitable for investors who are averse to risks related to the volatility of the capital markets."

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