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Investor Relations

Tributes and Government Participation

We present here the amounts paid to the government as taxes and government participation on our oil and gas exploration and production activities.

2018 (R$ Million)

  4th Quarter 3rd Quarter 2nd Quarter 1st Quarter
  Taxes GPART Taxes GPART Taxes GPART Taxes GPART
Brazil 27.812,00 10.937,00 28.657,00 13.910,00 25.050,00 8.859,00 22.207,00 7.893,00
  • These figures refer to the total paid by Petrobras Holding (does not include any subsidiary) on a cash basis;
  • Taxes: Fees and contributions paid to municipal, state, and federal governments;
  • GPART: Special Take, Royalties, Signature Bonus, and Area Retention Fee. (Does not include compensation for landowners).

/fck_temp/1008_1/file/Petrobras-Pagamentos-Tributos-PGOV-2018_0.xlsx Taxes payments

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