Clarification on arbitrations filed by pension funds


Rio de Janeiro, November 13, 2017 - Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras, in relation to press reports, informs it has not yet been notified about the adhesion of the Petros, Previ and Funcef pension funds to the arbitration filed against the Company at the B3 Arbitration Chamber.

Petrobras considers that the legislation does not support this initiative, as the Company is a victim of the acts unveiled by Operation Car Wash, as acknowledged in all instances of the Brazilian Judiciary that issued an opinion on the subject, especially the Brazilian Supreme Court. The Company will continue to seek full reimbursement from the true culprits, since it understands that this will enable it to preserve the interests of its shareholders and all its stakeholders, in line with the Principles set forth in Law No. 6404/76 (Brazilian Corporation Law).

In this regard, Petrobras has received, to date, over R$ 800 million, recovered by Brazilian authorities, from companies and individuals involved in criminal practices that have harmed the Company. Additionally, it acts in more than 40 criminal actions as an assistant prosecutor of the Federal Prosecutors Office and in 14 actions of administrative improbity.

Petrobras will continue to take all appropriate measures to guarantee its interests and the interests of its shareholders.