Conversion Tables

Learn details on the characteristics of oil and gas products and conversion formulas to convert units of measurement.

Density and Upper Calorific Values
Density and Upper Calorific Values
 DensityCalorific Value
Gasoline0,7428.325 Kcal/l
Diesel0,8529.160 Kcal/l
Hydrated Alcohol0,8095.380 Kcal/L
Aviation Kerosene0,78811.000 Kcal/Kg
LPG0,55811.750 Kcal/Kg
Fuel Oil 1A1,00010.130 Kcal/Kg
Fuel Oil 1B0,93810.310 Kcal/Kg
Naphtha0,69111.360 Kcal/Kg
Natural Gasl 9.400 Kcal/m3
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) 9.400 Kcal/m3
Street Gas 4.300 Kcal/m3
Green Coke1,0408.500 Kcal/Kg
Mineral Coal 6.000 Kcal/Kg
Organic Coal 1.680 cal/dm3
Firewood 990 cal/dm3
Energy Equivalents
Volumes (*)

1.000 m3 of liquid natural gas (LNG) ~ 1350 m3 of gas.

1m3 of natural gas ~ 39 39 GCV (gross calorific value) megajoules (MJ) ~ 10,8 kWh.

1 ton LNG ~ 1,3 tons petroleum equivalente (tpe) on the basis of GCV.

1 million Btu's equivalent in calorific terms to 26,8 m3 of gas or 981 cubic feet of gas.

(*) The conversion of 1.000 m3 of natural gas produced for sale is equal to about 0,85, being processed gas, not untreated gas.
Conversion for crude oil, natural gas and oil products
Crude oil
Crude Oil(*)
From: To:
Tons  BarrelsGallons (USA)Tons/Year
Tons (metric)17,33308-
Long Tons1,0167,45313-
Gallons (USA)0,003250,02381-
Gallons (USA)   49,8

(*) based on average (Arabian Light) 33.5 API
Natural gas
Volumes (*)

1 cubic meter (m3) = 35.315 cubic feet.

1 ton of liquid natural gas (GNL) ~ 1,350 m3 of gas.

1 million m3 of GNL ~ 600 million m3 gas.

(*) 1 cubic foot = 1,000 Btu's; 1 cubic meter = 9,000 Kcal.  

Oil Products
Oil Products
 to Tonsto BarrelsTons/Yearto Barrels/Day
Multiplied by:
Diesel Oil0,1337,5048,70,0205
Fuel Oil0,1496,7054,50,0184
Price conversions for Natural gas
"US$ 1.00/MMBTU" is equal to:
 for other fuels expressed in R$
multiply by      to obtain      multiply by      to obtain
5,46 US$/ barrel of oil      Exchange rate x 37.30US$/ mil m3 natural gas
40,22US$/ ton. fuel oil      Exchange Rate x 1.06      US$/ mil ft?;; natural gas
51,32US$/ ton. LNG      Exchange Rate x 0.10      US$/ therm
46,63US$/ ton. PLG      Exchange Rate x 3.97      US$/ cal
42,66US$/ ton. diesel      Exchange Rate x 3.42US$/ mwh
13,10US$/ ton. firewood      Exchange Rate x 0.95US$/ Gjoule
26,98US$/ ton. charcoal      Exchange Rate in R$      
Conversion Factors
 million'000 cubic meterstontonton
 BTUnatural gasLNGPLGfuel oil
'000 cubic meters natural gas 37.301.000,730,800,93
ton LNG51,321,381,001,101,28
ton PLG46,631,250,911,001,16
ton diesel42,661,140,830,911,06
ton fuel oil40,221,080,780,861,00
ton charcoal26,980,720,530,580,67
national coal (4,500 kcal/Kg) 17,860,480,350,380,44
ton firewood13,100,350,260,280,33
barrel petroleum5,460,150,110,120,14
natural gas: 1 cubic meter = 9,400 Kcal (20º and 1 atm)
1 milhão de BTU 1 million BTU ( 1 MMBTU) = 26.8 cubic meters ( m3) natural gas.

a. Cubic meters ( m3 ) in barrels ( b ): 

b =

 b. Barrels ( b ) in cubic meters ( m3 ): m3 = b x 0,158984
 c. Cubic meters ( m3 ) in tons ( t ): t = m3 x D

d. Tons ( t ) in cubic meters ( m3 ): 


 e. Barrels ( b ) in tons ( t ): t = b x 0.158984 x D

f. Tons ( t ) in barrels ( b ): 

b = 

D x 0.158984
 g. 1 m3 = 1.000 liters = 6.28994113 b
 h. 1 b = 158.984 liters = 0.158984 m3
 i. 1.000 m3 natural gas = 1 m3 crude oil (approximately)

j. D = 


  , where:

D = Density
M = Mass
V = Volume

Conversion Tables

Natural Gas
cubic meters is equal to ???cubic feet.
cubic feet is equal to ??? cubic meters.
cubic meters is equal to ??? barrels.
barrels is equal to??? cubic meters.

Crude Oil
barrels is equal to ???liters.
liters is equal to??? barrels.
barrels is equal to??? tons.
tons is equal to ??? barrels.
barrels is equal to ???gallons (USA).
gallons (USA) is equal to???barrels.
tons is equal to ??? gallons (USA).
gallons (USA) is equal to???tons.