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Rio de Janeiro – May 08, 2018 - FINANCIAL REPORT FIRST QUARTER OF 2018 RESULTS - Derived from consolidated interim financial information audited by independent auditors, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS

Net income
R$ 6,961 million

2,680 mil boed

R$ 25,669 million

Main highlights
  • Results

Petrobras reported net income of R$ 6,961 million in the 1Q-2018, 56% higher than the 1Q-2017, determined by the following factors:

•    Increase in Brent prices, which resulted in higher margins of oil exports;

•    Higher profit with sales of oil products, as a result of the implemented pricing policy;

•    Rise in margins and volumes in the natural gas sales;

•    Gain of R$ 3,223 million on sale of the assets of Lapa, Iara and Carcará;

•    Lower expenses with drillship idleness; and

•    Reduction on general and administrative expenses.

In view of the net income presented in the quarter, the new Shareholders Remuneration Policy and also considering the leverage metric of the company, it was approved the anticipation of interest on own capital, in the amount of R$ 0.05 per share, both to ordinary and preferred shares.

Free Cash Flow * remained positive for the twelfth consecutive quarter, reaching R$ 12,993 million in 1Q-2018, down 3% from the previous year. This result was impacted by the payment of the first installment of Class Action and the hedge of part of the oil production.

Metric - Net Debt / Adjusted EBITDA

Gross debt decreased from R$ 361,483 million in December 2017 to R$ 340,979 million and net debt decreased from R$ 280,752 million to R$ 270,712 million. In U.S. dollars, the drop in net debt was from US$ 84,871 million to US$ 81,447 million, representing a reduction of 4%. In addition, liability management made it possible to increase the average maturity of the debt from 8.62 years to 9.26 years, with increase in the average interest rate from 6.1% to 6.2%.

Adjusted EBITDA* increased 2% in relation to 1Q-2017, to R$ 25,669 million due to increased sales margins.Adjusted EBITDA margin was 34%.

The net debt to LTM Adjusted EBITDA* ratio reached 3.52 in March 2018, after having reached 3.67 as of December 2017. Leverage* decreased from 51% to 49% in the same period.

Excluding the Class Action effect, the net debt/LTM Adjusted EBITDA index would have reached 3.07.

Operating highlights

Petrobras' total crude and natural gas production in 1Q-2018 was 2,680 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), of which 2,582 thousand boed in Brazil, 4% lower than in 1Q-2017, mainly reflecting the maintenance stoppages and divestment of Lapa.

Production of oil products in Brazil fell 7%, while the sale of oil products dropped 9% in relation to 1Q-2017, totaling 1,679 thousand barrels per day (bpd) and 1,768 thousand bpd, respectively. In relation to 4Q-2017, gasoline and diesel sales decreased due to lower demand, although there was a recovery of market share in diesel, because of the pricing policy implemented at the end of 2017. For the natural gas, there was an increase of 7% in sales volumes, compared to 1Q-2017.

The Company sustained the position of net exporter, with 507 thousand bpd of balance in 1Q-2018 (vs. 489 thousand bpd in 1Q-2017), due to the 38% decrease in imports.


* See definitions of Free Cash Flow, Adjusted EBITDA, LTM Adjusted EBITDA, Adjusted EBITDA Margin, Net Debt and Leverage in glossary and the respective reconciliations of such items in Liquidity and Capital Resources, Reconciliation of Adjusted EBITDA, LTM Adjusted EBITDA and Net Debt.

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