Bodies that advise and support our decision making.

Board of Directors Committees

The Board of Directors has established seven statutory committees: Strategic; Finance; Audit; Audit of Petrobras Conglomerate; Safety, Environment, and Health;Nominating, Compensation and Succession; and Minority Shareholders. The seven committees are intended to advise the Board in the fulfillment of its responsibilities in guiding and managing the Company.


Statutory Technical Committee

The Executive Board will rely on the Statutory Technical Committee on Acquisitions & Divestments for advice. 

Executive Board members will rely on seven (7) advising technical committees composed of executive managers, whose specific duties are to analyze and issue recommendations on specific subjects:

· Statutory Technical Committee on Corporate Affairs
· Statutory Technical Committee on Production & Technology Development
· Statutory Technical Committee on Strategy, Organization & Management System
· Statutory Technical Committee on Exploration & Production
· Statutory Technical Committee on Finance and Investor Relations
· Statutory Technical Committee on Governance and Compliance
· Statutory Technical Committee on Refining & Natural Gas

Statutory Technical Committee composition and operating rules will be governed by statutes to be approved by the Board of Directors. 

Deliberative and Advisory Committees

The Executive Board may create committees with delegated powers that are subordinated either to this body or directly to one of its members. Committees may be deliberative or advisory in nature, and their purpose is to assist the Executive Board in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities. Those committees are composed of managers from different areas within the company, to ensure a multidisciplinary perspective in the analyses and discussions of topics as well as in the decision-making process. Committee composition and operating rules will be governed by statutes to be approved by the Executive Board and submitted to the Board of Directors.

Deliberative and advisory committees may constitute commissions and work groups with primarily tactic and operating activities, to support them in the performance of their duties.

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